Fairey Reef

Good coral cover and clouds of small tropical fish. An interesting dive in the lagoon at Fairey Reef Largest bommie cut with ledges and a large cave There is also resident marine life Excellent snorkelling and diving site with minimal current Visibility 10 – 20 Depth 5 – 15

Knuckle Reef

Seaflight Bommie Dive Site is a majestic coral-decorated bommie that sits in the Knuckle Reef Lagoon. This site offers you a diversity of coral and marine life to explore including many species of clams, hard and soft corals. It also offers excellent underwater landscapes great for micro photography. Good Coral and Reef fish Local marine…

Line Reef

Brightly coloured soft coral Plenty of marine life including Angel Fish, Maori wrasse, trevally, trout and cod and Nemos! Excellent snorkelling and diving site Protected from wind, but not from current (drift dive) Visibility 8 –  15 Diving Depth 3 – 25

Hook Reef

Caves and Canyons Dive Site Situated on Hook Reef, the Caves and Canyons dive site is a 60 metre wall with a 60 metre shelf dotted with bommies, many of which haven’t even been discovered yet! See the amazing coral gardens, tropical fish and perhaps some surprises along he way – a great dive site…

Bait Reef

Bait Reef and Garys Lagoon Dive Site Located off Hamilton Island, Bait Reef is one of the most popular sites for divers at the Great Barrier Reef. A spectacular location, Gary’s Lagoon is in a well protected area perfect for beginners and less experienced divers, but close enough to the action so the more experienced…

Hardy Reef

Good Coral and Reef fish Local marine life very friendly towards snorkellers and divers including large Maori wrasse, trevally, trout and cod. Excellent snorkelling and diving site Visibility 8 – 18 Diving Depth 5 – 18 Current operators visiting: Fantasea Cruises

Heart Reef

Heart Reef, in the Great Barrier Reef of the Whitsundays, is a stunning formation of coral that has formed into the shape of a heart. Located in Hardy Reef, Heart Reef is best experienced from the air by helicopter or seaplane. Many tour companies will combine a scenic flight over Heart Reef with other breathtaking…

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